#things in life - november 2020

We look around us in those times of isolation, fear and darkness and come to an insight: Things are getting stranger and stranger. The world is falling apart, at least the outer world. And sometimes it seems as if everything out there is stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The year 2020 obviously bears the the honor of owning the title „the end of illusions“.

We are about to begin to see, how things really not just are how we always thought they were.

Fundamental changes within and around us are taking place. But still there is our „little world“, even though it is far away from being a „perfect world“. Comparing the chaos around us with our inner world it seems safe to say, it's easy to be brave from a safe distance

So there it is the year 2020, regardless of what’s going on in the visible as well as in the unseen world.

In short, there are still „things in life“.