henning wüst lapland based photographer

I am a photographer and photojournalist, specializing in tourism and travel photography with the main focus on Swedish-Lapland. Mainly i am photographing for organisations, businesses and magazines and holding workshops.

Having grown up in Germany i began to work as a freelance journalist and photographer for several newspapers at the age of 17. My creative background includes amongst others several years as a musician. After having finished college i studied law and started a career as a lawyer while at the same time shooting and writing for newspapers on a continuing basis.

Photography for the love of Lappland

I have to confess one thing. I am in love with Swedish-Lapland. Several years ago I decided to move there where i am now living nearby the polar-circle together with my family .Thant’s why I’m specializing in tourism-photography and reportage (photojournalism) from that region. I want to show the beauty of Lapland.

My pictures help your business or organisation. Whether you need pictures for print or web sites:

- Get the images you want and create a better impression. It doesn’t matter if you have a detailed brief or would like creative input, my images help your business or organisation.

- Easy to use images. High quality to meet your needs, for web and print.

- No hidden costs. Pricing is clear and up front.

As the costing of photo projects is complex - just send me an email, describe your project and request a quote.

Furthermore if you’re looking for pictures from Swedish-Lapland we have a lot on stock.

You won’t find so many words here but lots of pictures. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for or if you want to request an offer then please just ask me for more information.

Yours sincerely
Henning Wüst